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[12 Apr 2010|04:37pm]


Going Public

So foreign an expression of which I have no experience
When your eyes give no hint to your feelings.
Why are you so guarded?
You've got ADT around your heart and I don't have the code
Nor a way to gauge the moon's despondent gaze.
This room with its curtained windows and silent walls is your only security.
You paint your dreams on the empty canvas in secret.
You'll be lucky if the stars' representation of them is validating enough to warrant your satisfaction, and is in accordance with the story you were trying to portray.
Consistency is a hard thing to illustrate in the sky.
Even for celestial perfection.
Do not be discouraged if the depiction does not conform to the exhibition of your aspirations.
Heaven can't get everything right.
If you come to find that your trust was too hastily and without proper consideration put into the accurate portrayal of your dreams by the stars
And they render themselves free of their burden and the storm that ensues hardens the earth with an exaggerated truth
Remember that I will always be here to catch them.
When going public means you lose all security, I will be the curtained windows and walls that help give it back.
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[12 Apr 2010|04:35pm]


No Title

The leaves are on fire, falling from the trees like angels from an uninhabitable expanse of darkness
they cover my feet as ashes in mourning showing a picture of you from the forlorn apparatus above
the image is not drawn to scale
and It makes you seem closer than you truly are
Is it selfish of me to wish desperately that this portrayal of you was adequately proportional to real life?
that what i see in the representation is what is absolute
Is it ignorant of me also to convince myself that the depiction is possible?
that you may be as close as you seem?
a personage of beauty stands on the threshold of my heart, just out of reach
reason condemns my perceptual desire for its benightedness
is what i see in the ashen leaves not reasonable?
my eagerness for the truth has concealed me from it
leaves fall in flame to incite change
and bring to my eyes a purposed false reality for them to fall victim to
your image fades amidst a landscape of empty trees and broken memories
a last leaf falls
no flame
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[12 Apr 2010|04:33pm]



Turn your reluctant gaze on the blinding sun and you won't see your dreams fall and fragment into the sand.
On this deserted shore, amidst the unrelenting clamor of incessant waves protesting the inevitable existence of broken aspirations against the rocks, the wind calls your name.
Ears do not hear what the imagination does not wish to analyze.
Eyes do not see what the heart cannot morph into favorable advantage.
You stand alone, abandoned on a landscape of judgment
separated from reality by your own thoughts which sabotage themselves with realized vulnerability.
Far beyond the clouds is the escape you've been looking for.
A collective silence of stifled accusations echoes from the choir of elements
slowly turning your tunnel vision away from biases that hold you captive
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